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Celebrities can overshadow brands.What are advantages or his or her future job?Nike stuck around and lost customers.Consumers may focus on the celebrity, not the product.More and more transnational corporations are setting up branches and factories in less developed nations.Selecting a Celebrity for a Brand, robinsons mall gift certificate brands are important company assets.General Motors, Gillette, Accenture, and Gatorade dropped Tiger to avoid negative perception.The main reason multinationals set up shop in poorer countries is because it is much cheaper for them to get their goods manufactured there, due to comparatively lower salaries.The Nike-Jordan partnership has blossomed into its own multibillion dollar subsidiary company, Air Jordan.Nike wanted expand into new markets.Need help with branding for your company?(For more information on brand promises, read.Its true: Celebrity endorsements can reap huge rewards for a brand.And the golf industry as a whole saw a major revenue slow-down with no Tiger on the course.) Not all celebrities fit with all brands.Not a bad idea.
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Mobile One uses nascar superstar Tony Stewart to endorse its brand, which leads consumers to believe that Motor One oil contributes greatly to the performance of his carand his success.

In conclusion, huge global companies may reap the rewards of low operating costs in developing countries, but they should also keep in mind that they have a responsibility towards their workers and any infringements of their rights could negatively affect their image and stock price.From Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall advertising.And now exchange the lists with your partners and guess what his or her future career might.In 2009, Tiger Woods public image crumbled after his infidelity with a number of women, including pornography actresses, hit the news.The Benefits of Celebrity Endorsements.When people would see or hear Dennis Haysbert on the show 24, they associate his voice with.This essay will first suggest that reduced labour costs is the primary benefit for these companies, while bad publicity because of Human Rights abuses is the main drawback.Joss Stone and Keith Urban, who are more likely to wear Gap-style clothing in the public eye.But you might want to think twiceits a possible minefield.This is a particular danger when celebrities endorse multiple products at a time.
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Advertisers need to select celebrities who represent the image and promise of their brands.