Because of that, Amazon will always have a special place in my heart. .
Change next to, gift Options and complete the on-screen instructions.
Instead, were directly comparing it to what Amazon Prime looks like in the USA.
Now I should quickly add that I continue to be a very satisfied customer of Amazon overall, its just that Amazon Prime Day seems to be more of an exercise in cleaning out old inventory (some folks have even used the term garage sale) than.Nowhere that I could find is it mentioned that free eBooks or live streaming of anything is in the works. .This item can't be gift-wrapped or sent with a note.If you order more than twenty packages a year and place a premium worth more than 79 on that increased speed, and you live in an urban centre.This was a huge let down. .
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Not an Amazon Prime member?Man, was I excited when, amazon Prime Canada popped a few weeks ago when I was surfing through my favorite internet stomping grounds. .To Amazons credit, instead of the two-day shipping guarantee, they state they will give free standard shipping instead to those rural areas. .I understand why that it is Canadas low-density rural areas just dont have the infrastructure that virtually all of the USA enjoys it still just takes some of the shine off of the apple for. .If they were able to offer similar packages in Canada (and why not? .Essentially this is a large amount of cloud storage that you can use to save photos and short videos. .Its very comparable to a service such as Dropbox. .Overall, a nice perk, but not exactly a game-changer given the other options available within the space.
Since were paying the same price here in Canada, I think it is logical to assume we should get access to the same online resources. .
Amazon cant guarantee that ultra-fast shipping time to many of Canadas rural post codes. .
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