The reader doesnt have to worry about it being a paid fake review.
This did two things historically.Weve already established that its a bad idea to buy Amazon reviews.Without them, its impossible to build trust with customers, stand out from the competition and sell products.Is It Legal to Buy Amazon Reviews?Because I did not buy the book.If they havent, the badge simply wont appear.This update is good news for many sellers who found their product sales decline despite their historical momentum due to sellers who sought to intentionally violate the policy and attempt to super charge their products rank artificially.Or do you just have to sit around and wait for reviews?Terms of Service to include the statement, You may not intentionally manipulate your products rankings, including by offering an excessive number of free or discounted products, in exchange for a review.
A small percentage of all sales will result in reviews.

The Amazon Verified Purchase badge means that the customer bought the item through top discount electrical stores palmers green Amazon.Paying for reviews is explicitly forbidden.This practice is against Amazons terms.Paying people directly to buy your product and leave a review.In addition to great help videos, they also have incredible live and email customer service support should you have any issues with your account.What Are Incentivized Reviews?As many sellers know, one of the most important elements to their products conversion rate is the quantity and quality of their products star ratings.Amazon wants their reviews to be organic, giving their customers an unbiased view of the product.Fan Fuel Digital Marketing Group showed 92 of online customers think twice if a product has no reviews.Product reviews are an essential part of building a successful business on Amazon.
What does this mean for Amazon sellers?