It features the initial of the familys last name, and the year they were established, just like you see on a corporate building.
Cake in a Jar Behold, the latest trend: cakes in jars!
Shark Hoodie Towel This is sure to be their favorite towel, because cmon, its a shark towel!
Thats because its made with tons of candy bars, but new york state sweepstakes made to look like a tall, thin Christmas tree.You can sew up these pretty sunglass cases from.Wrap empty chip cans in pretty paper and fill them with cookies for a quick, easy homemade gift.Gingerbread Bubble Bath Bars Give them peace and serenity this holiday season through the magic of these bath bars.Reindeer Hooded Towel A wonderful gift for babys first Christmas, this hooded towel makes them look like Rudolph, and is just screaming for a photo that will generate plenty of Likes.They say money doesnt grow on trees, but this candy tree sure makes it look like candy does.Travel Art Kit Heres a great gift for the kids if youve got an upcoming road trip or long plane ride.These jars are filled with yummy cake so you can give them a sweet gift in a sweeter packaging.Handmade Cell Cases A smartphone case is a useful gift that will make it so they think of you each time they use their phone.The process of making this is as easy as stacking the ingredients and dolling up the jar.It includes labels for both the bread and the jam, and presents them in such a way that they look like they were made to go together.Make homemade drawer sachets with this tutorial from Craftaholics Anonymous and get multiple gifts made in a snap!For even more DIY gift ideas, visit these posts: 25 gorgeous but cheap DIY gifts 25 DIY gifts people actually want 20 DIY photo gift ideas.These quick and easy DIY gifts are perfect for friends, family, grandparents, and teachers.Theres only six pieces of fabric used to make this, turbotax premier 2014 discount two pieces for the top and bottom and four pieces for each side.

Homemade Gumdrops Satisfy their sweet tooth with these homemade gumdrops.Upcycled Brown Grocery Bag Basket, these steps show you how to take ordinary brown paper grocery bags, the kind you probably have a stash of right now, and make a decorative basket that you can make to hold another gift, or to use.You can make a big batch of caramel apple butter in your slow cooker!Instagram Coasters, make your Instagram pics look their best with these coasters.These stamped wooden utensils from.Promenade Market Bag, for those leisurely market strolls you cant beat one of these bags, and theyll be much appreciated by those that need a good-sized bag thats easy to carry.Its then simply a matter of making weatherproof accessories like score pads.Since the windmakers did most of the work, you really dont have to do much other than print off the labels and affix them to the bottles, but it really makes for a nice presentation.They play into the Christmas theme as one of the animals that was present at the manger for the birth of Jesus.
Learn how to make lovely color blocked wood vases from.

If youre really short on time, give a gift card and add some handmade flair with these pretty pop-up gift card holders from Karen Kavett.
With a few enhancements it makes a pretty purse, one that can take beating and still look good, as well as being totally washable in case it gets messy.
Mix up a batch of homemade peppermint milk bath from.