Its a small one, but a ball none the less.
Before I became a mother I was one of those girlfriends who showed up just to hold your baby.
But while the new momma probably wanted to eat 24/7 when that little bun was in the oven, she may not be quite as hungry now.You know the scene: A close girlfriend has her long-awaited new baby and you feel the need to hightail it to her house to hold that little bundle of joy.Is your new-mother friend one of those controlling types who doesnt want anyone helping with her housework? .Babies need lots of things youll find something Im sure.Fold the laundry, even the underwear.Have any of y'all?When she asked what she could do it wasnt really a question as much as it was a statement and request for orders.
Need I say more?
But she receives a child!

In March 2013, their family grew with the addition of Townsend and in April 2016, they added baby girl, Larkin christmas gifts to parents from toddlers to the mix.You know when your hair gets so dirty that the roots hurt?Get her an awesome-looking water bottle so shell be inspired to chug-a-lug-lug.In fact, it takes all of your self-control to not show up at the hospital and interrupt the precious few hours that shell have staff doting on her around the clock.Dont bring clothing that suits your taste and not theirs.No mother I know was sitting around, desperately waiting for me to appear at her house empty-handed and hold her baby.Dont make something on your own unless it actually tastes good.
These are super cute and youll be known as the trendy, in-the-know friend if you get this.

Allison now juggles the complexities of being a work from home mom.
Youll be the belle of the ball her ball.