blizzard credit gift

Blizzard Balance can only be purchased with a credit card or PayPal whether youre purchasing it for yourself or gifting it to a friend.
Aside from Hearthstone packs, you can also send your friends (or buy for yourself).
Card Packs in, hearthstone?Warning: This product will not work on UK accounts.Were expanding our gifting service by allowing you to send Blizzard Balance to your friends, offering you the benefits of retail gift cards in a new and cex membership rewards easy-to-use digital format.Simply pick one up at any of the partner stores and give it to a friend.You may use it only on European accounts.If all goes well, you will see a confirmation message and the amount will be added to your t Balance funds shortly thereafter.From that option you then choose a Real ID or BattleTag from your list of Blizzard friends and a custom message if you so please, before personalised ski gifts heading to the payment page.Or gift that epic I ron Skyreaver mount to your, world of Warcraft guildmate?You can purchase Blizzard Balance in pre-set amounts or even fill in your own value.Hearthstone Expert Card Packs?
All they need to do is claim the code on the back of the card in order to charge up their Blizzard Balance, which can be used to purchase a variety of Blizzard digital items, games, and services.
Blizzard will deliver your gift along with a notification and personalized message directly to your friend, who can then claim the digital gift card balance onto their account.

Advertisement, blizzard Watch is made possible by people like you.While youve been able to send digital items as gifts for a while, game services like character transfers or race changes were a hassle.Blizzard announced new features coming to its t game launcher.Some products have the option to enter your friend's email address instead.Weve got you covered with one simple solution the t Gift Card.Clicking Add Balance will try to add the amount to your own Blizzard Balance.Blizzard Entertainment, have you ever wanted to give a friend a few Loot Boxes for.
Struggling to find the perfect gift for a friend, or just hoping to give them the flexibility to choose their own gifts?

Weve got you covered with one simple solution the.
Gifting is not available for all currencies or payment methods, and you cannot gift items to console versions of our games).