Ketoconazole 2 shampoo is a red-orange liquid supplied in a 4-fluid ounce (120 mL) nonbreakable plastic bottle (NDC ).
Source The provisions of this 129.52a adopted September 10, 2010, effective September 11, 2010,.
The daily weighted average shall be calculated using the following equation: n Ci Vi i 1 VOCw Vt Where: VOCw The daily weighted average VOC content, as applied, of all coatings used on a single flat wood paneling surface coating process line, in lb VOC/gal.(ii) The term includes compression molding with sheet molding compound, infusion molding, resin injection molding, vacuum assisted resin transfer molding, resin transfer molding and vacuum assisted compression molding.(2) An owner or operator subject to subsection (a 2 or otherwise claiming an exemption or exception in this section, shall maintain records sufficient to verify the applicability of subsection (a 2 the exemption or exception.An owner or operator subject to this section shall maintain records sufficient to demonstrate compliance with this section.When complying with the requirements of 129.52 or this section and 129.101129.106 through emissions averaging, an additional 10 reduction in emissions shall be achieved when compared to a facility using a compliant coatings approach to meet the requirements of this section and 129.101129.106.(2) The owner or operator shall maintain a daily record of the VOC content of each as applied coating or cleaning material.Source The provisions of this 129.102 adopted June 9, 2000, effective June 10, 2000,.(A) The VOC content data or VOC composite partial vapor pressure data for each of the concentrated components or additives shall be combined in the proportions in which the concentrated components or additives are mixed discount towbar centre falkirk to make the batch of press-ready (as applied) cleaning solution.Motor vehicle lubricating wax/compound A man utd christmas gifts protective lubricating material, used at a facility that is not an automobile or light-duty truck assembly coating facility, applied to vehicle hubs and hinges.(2) Records maintained in accordance with the leak inspection and maintenance plan.(d) Process unit turnarounds.O The overall required control efficiency.Source The provisions of this 129.11 adopted September 10, 1971, effective September 11, 1971,.2118; amended December 21, 2001, effective December 22, 2001,.(iii) Submitting a compliance certification which states that compliant sealers, topcoats, or both, and strippable spray booth coatings have been used each day in the semiannual reporting period or should otherwise identify the days of noncompliance and the reasons for noncompliance.
(b) The records shall provide sufficient data and calculations to clearly demonstrate that the requirements of 129.91129.94 are met.
(b) By October 31, 2005, and each year thereafter, the owner or operator of the stationary internal combustion engine shall calculate the difference between the actual emissions from the unit during the period from May 1 through September 30 and the allowable emissions for that period.

Vol the cleaning capacity of machine (cubic meters) (3) purple heart armory coupon code The operator of each machine equipped with a solvent adsorber shall measure and record the concentration of solvent in the exhaust of the carbon adsorber weekly with a colorimetric detector tube designed to measure a concentration.Pvtr Weighted-average monomer VOC emission rate for tooling resin used in the past 12 months, in kilograms per megagram.Automobile and light duty truck coating (a) prime coat.60.31 (b) top coat.62.55 (c) repair.14.69.(j) The Department or appropriate approved local air pollution control agency will review the timely and complete written petition requesting an alternative compliance schedule submitted in accordance with subsection (i) and approve or deny the petition in writing.Except for those subject to the Federal neshap for halogenated solvent cleaners under 40 CFR Part 63, this subsection applies to batch vapor cleaning machines that use solvent containing greater than 5 VOC by weight for the cleaning of metal parts.The owner or operator of an offset lithographic printing press or a letterpress printing press subject to this section shall demonstrate compliance with the VOC content limit or VOC composite partial vapor pressure limit for cleaning solutions in subsection (c 1) by one or more.Dc Density of coating, lb/gal, at.2478; amended September 4, 1998, effective September 5, 1998,.Ww weight of water, in grams.Code 129.105 (relating to recordkeeping requirements and.Fiberglass A material consisting of glass fibers made in the form of cloth, mat or roving.
Source The provisions of this 129.62 adopted April 27, 1979, effective August 1, 1979,.