Most crucially however, is the difference in the application of the GST rebate between the two types of properties.
That is, there is no minimum amount of time you, or a relation to you, must use it as a principal residence in order to keep the HST rebate. In the case of investment properties, the full HST is paid up-front, and the purchaser bears the responsibility of applying for the rebate.When the lease college girl gift ideas 2013 term approaches you can market northern lights gift ideas the property for sale while it is lived in, collecting rent and carrying its own weight. .If the home nerf gift set costs between 350,000 and 450,000 there is a sliding scale.Make sure that the intended use of the residence is clear to the builder to prevent them from applying for the rebate as a principal residence, only for you to end up using it as an investment property instead.
Toronto Star article from the April 30, 2012 newspaper.
Since the fair market value is greater than 450,000 upper bound, the GST credit is reduced to 0 instead of the 6,300 refund we calculated for a residential purchase.

Consequently, your purchase price will always be higher for an investment property.If a new home costs 300,000 and there was no rebate, the HST would be 13 per cent of the price, or 39,000.It can add up to a sizeable sum.That would understate the sale price without HST because part of the HST is being rebated.You should consult with your accountant when handling such matters.The article is "Make sure you know the HST rules if you buy, or it could be costly" by, mark Weisleder.The provincial part of the rebate is clear in the above article, but to determine the precise federal phase-out rules for the 350,000-450,000 range, I found this worksheet PDF from Canada Revenue Agency, which has an example of calculating the federal rebate for homes.Investment property owners should be aware that in order for you to keep the HST rebate, the property must be leased for at least 1 year from occupancy.For the latter, the eligible amount of GST is based on the fair market value of the property at the time of transfer of ownership from the builder (closing, not occupancy not the actual GST paid on the purchase.Firstly, they require different forms that have to be filled out.Understanding the following may assist in underwriting your decision to purchase pre construction and assist in setting up the purchase in the most profitable way.
Before the builder will do that, you have to sign a document saying that you will move." emphasis above is mine, and so, because the builder often includes the HST rebate in the sale price (and assuming your 400K was"d on the same.

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