Give a Charity Gift In return unwanted gift to amazon Honor of Your Customer.
Marc Prosser, Co-Founder, Fit Small Business, want to build rapport with customers while encouraging them to give you repeat business?
Also read: Checklist: How to Find the Right Supplier on AliExpress Make one customer feel special Instead of sending an ordinary gift to every customer, you can get a lot of social media mileage out of making a single customer feel truly special.Free upgrades - If you add a new service or upgrade a product, consider giving it away to your best customers.In this article, youll learn: How to Use Gifts for Marketing, gifts or discounts?Tyler Butler, Founder Principal, 11Eleven, reach out to your most loyal customers and inquire about watch win tv online australia their charity of choice.Giving flowers to every customer is expensive, but frank body scrub discount code 2016 if you pick the recipients (the most loyal customers, those with huge follower base on social media) and the occasion (birthday, Womens Day) flowers can do magic.Follow back - When a customer follows you on Twitter or Instagram, follow them back.
Tip: Dont use this as an opportunity to sneak in a coupon code or to promote your business.
That means doing even just the small things on the list, such as a coupon here and there or a post-transaction thanks email can make a big difference.

For the past 10 years, we have worked with a company called Richwrap.Coffee and water - If your business requires lengthy meetings or waits, then this is almost essential.Make the message unique, personalized, and most importantly, authentic.You, on the other hand, can leave a deep impression.Donate a portion of your proceeds to a good cause.Gifting to all customers.It should be easy to store and transport: No customer wants to deal with an unwanted gift that takes up too much storage space.Pre- or after-hours private events - Open your business to your best customers, and them alone.Also read: 25 Proven Contest Ideas to Promote Your Online Business.7K share.At minimum, consider adding special return policies to members of your loyalty program.
If you have a popular social channel, featuring your customers or their projects can be an unusual gift.