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The site is helpful, respectful and protective of its members.
As a qualified Swedish Massage/Shiatsu therapist of 20 years standing, whose daytime job is something completely unrelated (media producer it hasn't been easy finding willing 'patients' to practice on over those years.
Reach out and touch someone! Massageexchangecom a great, helpful site.People vary from experienced to learners but it's still a great way to relax and enjoy.As a keen enthusiast and student of massage for many years it is a great way to develop skills and learn from others. Free Massage for Life!To" a line from that song, "Who could ask for anything more?" I've met some wonderful people and professional therapists, some on an catholic gift shop ltd on-going basis, and the best thing is that the site is global so if you travel you can always find others.Like any site it takes an pressed cafe gift cards effort to make contact and the time to meet.All it costs is your time.No bad experiences and have met some really nice and interesting people.Always look forward to meeting new people.The site is very user-friendly, and the staff are extremely helpful and efficient. Best ever contacts.Massages can be expensive; but this allows members to enjoy therapeutic or exciting sessions, learn new techniques, and meet some great people along the way.The glass screen and graphics on the top third of the remote looked like it should have LED touch functionality. Great site!

I have met and exchanged massages with well over two dozen people I have met through m, both locally and as I traveled.The remote is relatively user-friendly, especially if you select the pre-set programs.That's why I rejoined again.The 3D function gives the rollers an extended point of contact to target deeper muscles.I find this site most enjoyable and rewarding. A good experience overall.I feel much more comfortable finding a massage partner at massageexchange than using other methods. A great service i have met several great men and have had all positive experiences so far on my massage exchanges.I've met some real nice people on the site and have exchange massaged with many of them.I would highly recommend this site for those into meeting others for learning and exchanging massage.
Just what the doctor ordered.