dibo the gift dragon bunny

Through the gift, Dibo and his.
She also has poor musical talents as seen in the episode "Singing in Pain".
When he laughs, sometimes, he falls over backwards because he laughts so hard.
He is the big brother that all kids dream about.Name: Bunny, gender: Female, age: 34, born : May 17, species: Bunny.For some reasons why, she ate Oliver's pie, she got mad because Elo's firetruck is broken.Here is the list where she had a new york giants win loss record 2013 villainous role pretty in Pink " - she tries to refuse letting Pinky discount chemist thornton eat her flower.Make a wish, Dibo's gift will.Antagonistic Roles, edit, bunny however, seems to be nice but in some episodes mean and has done villainous acts.Appearance, edit, she appears a pink rabbit with Hot pink blushes on her cheeks.She started pressed cafe gift cards a fight with Cro and Elo and tries to bully them "Super Elo" - She tries to call names on Elo along with Cro "Friends Like Me" - She tries to get aggressive with all of her friends "Cro's Adventure Book" - Bunny.
Introduced in: " Pretty in Pink".
When he greats friends, he squeezes himself to be smaller so that he can look eye-to-eye with the smaller ones.

But he is the ultimate benefactor.Dibo is the center of the programme, but not the center of the individual episodes.Sometimes, Bunny is bossy to her friends, and later she becomes a good bunny."Starry Night" - she tries to tease Cro just because he is scared of the dark "Annie's makeover" - she punishes Annie because she is kind "Truth Megaphone" - This is seen as one of her most villainous acts yet.Carr.: SÚPER amigo (Per-2013) macho castaño por Privately Held y Amalfitana (Pegasus Wind).Tercera victoria en 6 salidas.Happy Birthdays to Bunny.Dibo is big, really big.Each story begins with a wish and a gift.She kicked Cro and forces him to be vanished "Shhhh.
She is "pink and always pretty".

Last appearance: "Cro's New Bookcase voice Actor: Russi Taylor, zodiac Sign: Aries.
Personality, edit, bunny is a narcissistic who always says she is pretty.
Jinete: José Monteza (P.