Trumps long-planned but largely improvisational campaign, propelled by a high-wattage personality, has him in position to win the Iowa caucuses, and perhaps steamroll his rivals on his way to the GOP nomination.
During his 14 seasons.
You cant run for president on earned media, one attendee recalled telling Trump.
Well before Trump would come to utterly dominate the GOP race from the very moment he declared himself a candidate.Cold feet, in the months before he entered the race, Trumps then-advisers, Roger Stone and his young associate Sam Nunberg, proposed that the real estate developer and celebrity enter as late as possible, perhaps even skipping Iowa, and storm to the nomination a la Richard.Trump was in Aberdeen, on the east coast of Scotland, to open a new clubhouse for one of his golf courses when he called the man who would soon be his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, and said he wasnt sure he wanted to go through.Rather than leave the stage, he spoke off the cuff for another 30 minutes, and said: When Mexico sends its people, theyre not sending their best.You guys are fingerhut free gift promo code going to be very helpful when I do the big thing, he said, according to people who were in the room that day.The call from Lewandowskis mercurial new boss threw the operative sitting back at Trump Tower in New York for a loop, according to both Trump insiders.It was much earlier than that 25 months ago, in the weeks before Christmas of 2013, a period well before most Americans and even many politicians were thinking about the 2016 presidential contest.These 25 New York political operatives had come to ask him to run for governor.The second was that Trump, an astute observer of the television industry, saw a news void he wanted to fill during the summer doldrums of the campaign when most candidates are busy fundraising and building ground organizations.Another person asked, referring to the Iowa fast-food franchises that are a staple of presidential campaign stops.I know how to work the media in a way that they will never take the lights off.Everything that explains the first-time candidates mind-blowing successhis uncanny ability to read and react to people and to bait his foes into positions of weakness, his eagerness to accept risk, and, above all, his ability to trust his gut to navigate the race while eschewing.But Trump had another plana very specific planto run for president.This article tagged under: More from politico Magazine.Theyre not sending you.Totally out; delay it; do some events in the early states, but not others.
In these scenes for the show, it was very intimate and hed be eye to eye, face to face with these contestants and looking to get reactions and reading their facial and emotional reactions, said another Trump ally.
Lewandowski disputed this version of events, saying the June 16 launch date was decided on May 9 and that Trump never wavered from.

In this meeting, Trump showed his cards, laying out the route he would take to tonights Iowa caucuses.But instead of following the plan, Trump spoke for 15 minutes before announcing, I am officially running for president of the United States.Donald Trump reportedly had second thoughts before he announced his candidacy on June 16 at Trump Tower in New York, pictured above.Ben Schreckinger is a reporter for.But the entire thing almost didnt get off the ground.A week before he took that slow escalator ride down from his office and into the presidential race, Trump was overwhelmed by what he was about.On the day of his announcement, his staff distributed four pages of polished, prepared, remarks.Theyre sending people that have lots of problems, and theyre bringing those problems with.Hed been saying it for years: We need a wall, we have no borders, we dont have a country.
He got cold feet.