1798; was the son of Teimuraz II, King of Kakheti and Kartli.
Alexander was married to Princess Daria Aleksandrovna nee Menshikov,.1817.
He was soon summoned to Iran by Shah Suleiman.
1838 daughter of Prince Levanti Shervashidze of the Guria.Compare: Mary / Marija Michailovna Katenin b?Aleksandre was born ca 1724 / 1728, in Moscow.Above Wiera Bagration Gruzinsky,.Meshonka : here lived, antoni ( the first son of, dominik derived from area of Krycau and verified noble descent in the Hrodna government 1861 ) and his son.Above Bezhan Dadiani died 1728, of the House of Dadiani, was Prince of Mingrelia from 1715 to 1728.1854, was the son of Giorgi XII Bagrationi (King of Kartli and Kakheti) and Mariam.Now on dadiani: Bezhan Dadiani see below died 1728, was Prince of Mingrelia from 1715 to 1728.Named Levan known by his Muslim name Shah-Qoli Khan, born.Second to Ana Dadiani.Mentioned Bezhan Dadiani see above died 1728, of the House of Dadiani, was Prince of Mingrelia from 1715 to 1728.
See: Konstantin Friedrich Peter Georgievich of Oldenburg ( ).
Above Katsia II Dadiani of monarchs of Mingrelia: or ; was friend of David II (1756-1795 of the Bagrationi Dynasty, who was King of Imereti in the western Georgia.

Tbilisi in 1842, come from Iraklij 2nd Bagration / Erekle II, king of Kacheti / Heracles II Bagratouni, 1744 -62, king of united Georgia 1762-98 (erekle II / Iraklij 2nd Bagration was born Telavi on died in Telavi ).Note to above Wiera bagratyd: Wiera Bagratyd / Pss Vera.Otia Dadiani died 1757, of the House of Dadiani, was Prince of Mingrelia from 1728 until his death.1882, Constantine entered into a morganatic marriage with Agrippina Japaridze; by the early 1890s, they were doing business in Odessa and Alexandrovsk (Zaporozhe).He acceded to power in a coup against his own father, Giorgi IV Dadiani, and came to dominate western Georgian politics by asserting tutelage over King Alexander V of Imereti until being murdered by Ottoman agents.Mentioned above elizbar / ilia Grigorievich Bagration Gruzinsky.Filipowicz pilipavicius or Pilipaitis with Pobog and Prawdzic coat of arms verified the armorial bearings in Vilna 1821: Jozef, Mateusz, Michal, Antoni, Szymon, Izydor, Benedykt and Joachim ) ; family of my grandfather had, georgians next of kin.1830, Chief of Police of Zugdidi in 1857; and the grandson Prince Aleksandri Kviti Niko Dadiani,.Named above Giorgi XII Bagrationi King of Kartli and Kakheti,.
He was installed as a rival king to his brother, Alexander V of Imereti from 1746 until being deposed in 1749.