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Demand: (in marketplace) is created by need or desire for goods and services.
This annotation eliminates the need of annotating each method with @ResponseBody.
Lcbo: Liquor Control Board of Ontario.General cashier: chief cashier.Throw-away: item in land portion of tour rarely used, but included in tour package to qualify passenger for tour-based fare.Flat ware: table utensils, such as knives, forks, spoons.Back to back: immediate transfer to connection, without waiting.Clients can specify (using http.Speciality advertising: promotions using such handy items as pens, mugs, T-shirts.Spirits: another name for distilled drinks.Discount: amount, usually a percentage deducted from the bill for early payment, bulk purchase, cash payment or other reasons.Accounts receivable ledger: aggregate of individual accounts receivable records.Net income: money remaining after all expenses have been paid.Fennel-anise: vegetable with mild licorice taste.
Passport: government document issued for travel abroad.

Corporate meetings: called to introduce new product or for training.Reception: stand-up social function; also area where guests are received in an office or hotel.Last: designation for bellperson who most recently completed weleda gift set front desk assignment.getServletConfigClasses return null; @Override protected String getServletMappings return new String ; @Override protected Filter getServletFilters Filter singleton new corsfilter return singleton; Thats.Cctc : Certified Corporate Travel Executive.Entrepreneur: seeks opportunities for establishing profitable business enterprises.Wage: hourly rate of pay for work.Fringe benefits: discount nutrition shop coupon payment for work other than wages or salaries.Parlour : living or sitting room; living room portion of suite.Wine: beverage fermented from grapes usually with an alcoholic content of about twelve to fourteen percent.See also stiff, dine-and-dash, theft of services.