Things I like about FilmConvert, the first thing I have to say about FilmConverts Premiere Pro plugin is just how easy it is to instantly achieve great looking results.
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This project was shot on the Sony FS7, a6300 and Go Pro cameras.
Color Finale is an fcpx only plugin which is essentially a souped up colour correction tool, but it also allows you to work with film emulation LUT packs (which is the basic foundation for these systems) like those from its creator, colorist Denver Riddle.Add this to a favourite effects bin to save time in future.In Adobe Premiere search for the plugin in the effects panel under FilmConvert Pro.In this post Ill give you my thoughts on the plugin, talk a little bit about how film emulation works and round this up with a step-by-step guide to using the FilmConvert plugin in Adobe Premiere Pro.There are four motion colour negative stocks, three photographic colour reversal stocks, six photographic black and white stocks, four photographic colour negative stocks and one Polaroid emulation stock to choose from.But maybe if my expectations had been set on the website before hand, I wouldnt have thought of it as an extra cumbersome step.If you click on the red warning it will take you to FilmConverts camera profile page to download the pack.This is a handy way to check out how each stock will look when working on a hero shot for the scene.
But, from what I can tell, Koji doesnt allow you to adjust the size of the grain and you have to render the effect each time.
Make use of the excellent Levels Graph to check that youre not clipping your image and to see how your previous adjustments have altered things.

You also have shadows midtones and highlights controls.Deal ends April 21st 11:59 PM (PDT, Las Vegas time).Koji is a film emulation system but has a much less intuitive interface (its based on film colour timing, rather than digital colour grading) although it does support many more film stocks from Kodak and Fuji Film.The stocks are organised into these categories, but youre mostly selecting based on the look youre after.Its supposed to look that way.Convergent Design NAB Specials, massive discounts on Odyssey7Q and Apollo.

On the plus side the plugin did seem to auto update inside Premiere when I installed camera profile (with Premiere open the whole time) so the process is fairly efficient.
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