One of the most popular ways kyle racing coupon code of obtaining free Xbox gift card codes is via using Microsofts Bing Reward system.
This will take you to Bings reward page where youll be able to see available prizes as well as your balance in points.
But this doesnt mean that you cant use other methods of gaining points ac boat show discount coupons via Bings reward system. Look for rewards button on Bings search bar and click.You'll log in with the same name and password you use for m or Xbox Live, and you'll earn points for renewing.Next, sign up for a Microsoft account and confirm.That's kind of shady and not what we're after.We've compiled tips for you to rack up points in two different Microsoft awards programs.Points will be deposited within 48 hours of purchase.First, youll need to install Bing and add it to your browser.What Are Microsoft Points/Xbox Gift Cards?A 100 point Microsoft Point code costs 125 Bing Credits.

Enter Xbox 360 Dashboard Contests, another way to earn free stuff is to actually enter the contests and promotions that pop up all the time on the Xbox dashboard.Lower Gamerscores get a lower percentage.How many points can I earn per day?Microsoft Points are the currency that fuels Xbox Live.Again, like Xbox Live Rewards, it doesn't sound like a lot, but you don't have to put any effort into.The more you use it, the more points youll get.