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Wipe away your tearsof failure and misfortune.
Overview, greatest Mystery in the World by Og Mandino, Bunting.Editorial Reviews, for his final fable, Mandino (who died in September 1996 at the age of 72) brings back as his fount of inspirational wisdom the mysterious "rag picker" Simon Potter (The Greatest Miracle in the World, etc.).Never look back as you close your door to thesorry tumult of greed and ambition.Before you set your heart too muchon anything, examine how happy they are who alreadypossess what you desire.Nothing here can harm you except that which you dread, and cherish those victories christmas gifts to parents from toddlers withpride.
Simon, aware of his own approaching death, leaves a tattered notebook for Mandino to find.

From the notebook, Mandino learns of "The Seven Rungs valentine gifts for him romantic indian of Life's Ladder." These consist of condensed, paraphrased and directly"d passages from hundred-year-old (and thus public domain) motivational writings.About the Author, og Mandino was a man who not only practiced what he preached but also inspired millions to follow his example of successful, fruitful living.Start today to transform your dreams into wonderful reality.See All Customer Reviews, b N Services, shipping.Publishers Weekly, publisher's Weekly, customer Reviews, most Helpful Customer Reviews.Reflect on howeagerly they would be sought if you did not have them.
Love your family and count your blessings.
We can choose our response, we can choose our attitude, we can choose our actions, and, therefore, we can choose our own future.