Knobel,., Shaughnessey,.
But what about the students who were not identified as gifted and who were left how to make chocolate bouquet gifts behind in the regular classes?
Educators develop specialized intervention services for students with gifts and talents who are underachieving and are now learning and developing their talents.These researchers expressed concern, however, that little differentiation occurs for gifted students in regular elementary classrooms.Thus many of the characteristics addressed in this standard emphasize affective development linked to self-understanding and social awareness.Gifted Education International, 16, 118126.On the basis of her research review, Rogers concluded that gifted students need some form of grouping by ability so that their curriculum may be appropriately broadened and extended.Educators engage students with gifts and talents in identifying interests, strengths, and gifts.Students with gifts and talents demonstrate understanding of and respect for similarities and differences between themselves and their peer group and others in the general population.Her research found that homogeneous grouping generally had a significant, positive effect on gifted students' academic achievement, attitudes concerning themselves as learners, and school experiences.To be effective in working with learners with gifts and talents, teachers and other educators in PreK-12 settings must understand the characteristics and needs of the population for whom they are planning curriculum, instruction, assessment, programs, and services.Multi-age classes and high ability students.
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Serving gifted students through inclusion: A teacher's perspective.Educators provide students with college and career guidance that is consistent with their strengths.Students with gifts and talents identify future career goals that match their talents and abilities and resources needed to meet those goals (e.g., higher education opportunities, mentors, financial support).Burns and Mason also found that students in the high-ability classes received better by nancy gifts instruction, had more motivated or better qualified teachers, and benefited from high-ability classmates who contributed to an improved academic climate.Lisa Benson (2002 a classroom teacher, american ballet theater gift shop observes that in her experience, gifted students quickly become frustrated in mixed-ability classes, especially those gifted students who exhibit a high degree of creativity.Educators design interventions for students to develop cognitive and affective growth that is based on research of effective practices.

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Reflecting on a conversation with Joe Renzulli: About giftedness and gifted education.