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Along the way, La Chana reveals the secret behind her disappearance when she was at the peak of baby hospital gifts for visitors her career.
Watch the trailer The Peace Agency 2017 Sue Useem 92 minutes Indonesia Documentary Subtitled Lian Gogali and her 500 female students are a force to be reckoned with in the conflict torn area of Poso, Indonesia.
Join us each month as we feature a handful of short films, each chosen from the past years of the Sunscreen Film.
Viola, Franca 2017 Marta Savina 15 minutes Italy Short Drama Subtitled Its Sicily in 1965, and Franca is forced to marry her rapist to avoid becoming a pariah in her traditionalist community, but she rebels against the established custom and sets a precedent that alters.Yours Sincerely, Lois Weber examines the achievements of this incredible woman, as told through the eyes of a young magazine photographer hoping to impress her. She previously starred in FXs Sons of Anarchy, CWs Starcrossed, and NBCs The Night Shift.Fry Day 2017 Laura Moss 16 minutes US Short A coming-of-age story set against the backdrop of Ted Bundys execution in 1989.Watch the trailer JessZilla 2017 Emily Sheskin 7 minutes US Short Doc Jesselyn JessZilla Silva is serious about boxing, and at 10 years old trains seriously with dreams of becoming a professional fighter.Watch the trailer Seventeen 2017 Monja Art 104 minutes Austria Drama Subtitled Paula, 17, is secretly in love with her girlfriend Charlotte, but Charlottes going out with Michael.
Watch the trailer Porcupine Lake 2017 Ingrid Veninger 85 minutes Canada Drama Porcupine Lake is a story of bravery and the secret life of girls set in Northern Ontario during a hot and hazy summertime when adulthood has not yet arrived, but childhood is quickly.
Watch the trailer Win By promo code for nclex rn pearson vue Fall 2016 Anna Koch 81 minutes Germany/Bulgaria Documentary Subtitled Janny, Lisa, Debby and Michelle are 12 years old when they leave home.

MUM 2017 Anne Marie O'Connor 14 minutes UK Short Drama Kate, a transgender woman, is heading off to visit her mum.And Europe six times and has been featured in several regional theatre productions (including multiple stints at The Geffen and Pasadena Playhouse).Watch the trailer Flora 2016 Alexandrina Andre 10 minutes US Short Flora, a transgender woman, is exposed to prejudice when she uses the womens bathroom for the first time during a visit to a small café.Watch the trailer La Chana 2017 Lucija Stojevic 86 minutes Spain Documentary Subtitled The film brings us under the skin and into the mind of La Chana, a talented Gypsy flamenco dancer as she returns to the stage to give a final seated performance after.They were not supposed call the shots.While Lane enjoys the freedom of living k2 trophy coupon code off-the-grid with her mother and younger siblings, she craves a stable normal life a life shes only seen in pictures from a stolen Sears catalog.Watch the trailer August in the City 2017 Christie Conochalla 16 minutes US Short Drama A film set to the theme of love and loss.Paula must decide if she wants to follow her own feelings or yield to other peoples.Winner of the 2017 idfa Best Feature-Length Documentary, The Other Side of Everything is an incredibly timely film.Please use your own judgment, but we suggest assuming all of the films are at least PG-13).Watch the trailer La Cocinera 2017 Emily Harrold 11 minutes US Short Doc Director Emily Harrold captures the suspense and pressure facing Daniela Soto-Innes, a 25-year old James Beard Award-winning chef tasked with running one of the hottest kitchens in New York City.

Watch the trailer Hux 2016 Mageina Tovah 12 minutes US Short Drama/Science Fiction A woman struggling with the isolation of autism, and trying so hard, but so unsuccessfully to connect with others, suddenly finds herself truly alone when civilization comes to an end.
Watch the trailer Amma: A Song of Motherhood 2017 Yadu Aritra 4 minutes India Short Subtitled How complicated are the ties that bond between a mother and a child.
After struggling with mental illness for most of her life, New York artist Ruth Litoff committed suicide at age 42 in 2008 by overdosing on prescription pills.