how to wrap a gift in a scarf

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Two new edges are created on the narrowest side of your box.
It's always a nice touch to add a To/From tag on a package to give it a personal touch.
Hold the first flap in place against the box, crease the second flap over it, then tape the two flaps together.If you want a straighter edge, you can fold the end of the paper inward to create one before taping it down.Step 4: Do the same thing to the other side.14 The wrapping job should resemble the wrapping of a piece of candy, like a Tootsie Roll.Gift wrapping is an art, but its also about the village gym promo code basic geometry.Unroll the wrapping paper across the table.Watch Again To wrap a present, first cut a piece of wrapping paper big enough to fit around the item.Its height should be the diameter plus the length.Question Is there a more formal way to wrap a present?

Cut the loose ends into strips going from the edge of the paper to the item inside.Cut a straight line across the upper layer of wrapping paper so it overlaps the bottom layer by a few inches or centimeters.Things You'll Need Wrapping paper Scissors Tape Measuring tape Tissue paper Bows Ribbons To/From tags Fake berries, leaves, etc.Remember, sometimes the simplest items look best.We have you covered.Question How do I use tissue in gift bags?8 6 Secure the sides with tape.Crease section onto gift and pull corner upwards, flush onto the boxs edge.Once youve cut the paper to the right size, you can let go.Did this article help you?