During a Western-style showdown with Tweety, Sylvester-as.
Meanwhile, Sylvester resumes his attempts to get to Tweety with the discount email subject lines following tricks all ending in failure: Reeling in Tweety's cage with a toy steam crane at the top of the staircase landing.
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Granny announces she's had enough, and that she'll show Sylvester and Hector there will be peace in the house once and for all.Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 2 and, looney Tunes Platinum Collection: Volume.The Herald Angels Sing ".Coyote, and the rest crack us up with their funny adventures and predicaments.He abandons Tweety in his greed, and opens the present with relish.Looney Tunes animated cartoon directed by, friz Freleng (credited.Those crazy Looney Tune characters.Sylvester eats Tweety Bird again instead, and is once again scolded and forced to spit him out.An angry Granny, armed with a broomstick, is waiting on at the end of the claw instead, and chases Sylvester off with.See All, looney Tunes Men's Sweaters Hoodies.Granny places Tweety's cage on a pole where she thinks Sylvester won't be able to reach it, but the cat is determined to get at his meal.For other uses, see.From the attic, the cat saws a hole in the floor and then uses a hook to grab the latch at the top of Tweety's cage.Undaunted, he retrieves a ladder, climbs up to it, and opens it with the intent to eat him.While Tweety plays on his new train set, Sylvester tries to catch him one last time.
An outraged Granny makes both the dog and cat spit up their respective prey and, in her anger, she having had enough of their carnivorous pursuits, insists there will be peace in the house once and for all.
Contents show, plot, sylvester awakes on Christmas morning to find a present for him.

Looney Tunes, looney Tunes Collection, showing pole to win uk 40 of 185 results that match your query.Tweet Dreams when that short aired on both channels).Granny innocently gives it to him and opens the box with the rubber mouse.AwfullyBritishFootieTunes 16, awfullyBritishFootieTunes 10, awfullyBritishFootieTunes 0, awfullyBritishFootieTunes.Granny, he switches the tags.On Tweety's right and left are Sylvester and the dog with stamps sealing their mouths.On Tweety's right and left are Sylvester and Hector with stamps over their mouths.

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Like a real mouse!" he remarks).
Availability The cartoon was made available (fully-restored and uncut) on the Looney Tunes - The Collector's Edition: A Looney Life VHS, released in 1999, and then on the Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 2 DVD set, released in 2004.