manufacturers sometimes discount the price of a product

the promotion : Conclusion.
I can digest this term in Inference and with a lot of hesitation, in assumption questions too but using "might be true" in Strengthen question is discount denali north face jackets a felony.
It weakens the argument Manager B Joined: Posts: 99 Kudos?
Now, how you are interpreting option B seems to be correct.But E is not being properly assessed by people responding in this forum.More than the use of this term, I am worried about your general approach to strengthen questions.Promotions significantly increase product sold to retailers.Your reasoning for option D is correct now.We need this, otherwise the OA is not correct.Meaning we should be looking at the industry as a whole.
The objective of a strengthener is to increase the confidence or belief in the conclusion, not to prove.

given: 381 send pm Re: Manufacturers sometimes discount the price of a product to #permalink Show Tags Sun Nov 03, 2013 2:53 am bagdbmba wrote: Hi Chiranjeev, Thanks for your reply but I'm really NOT able to understand your analysis as of now.21 0, given: 135 Location: India gmat 1 : 620 Q49 V25 GPA:.8 send pm Re: Manufacturers sometimes discount the price of a product to #permalink Show Tags Tue Aug 08, 2017 11:35 pm arvind910619 wrote: ps_dahiya wrote: Official Guide for gmat Verbal Review, 2nd Edition Practice Question Question.Let's do a quick example.(A) is just describing a mechanism with no effect on the argument B - Irrelevant.As per this option promotions are good.In many instances, the msrp is manipulated to an unreasonably high figure so retailers can deceptively advertise a product, listing a much lower sale price and indicate to consumers they are getting a far better bargain than in actuality).0, given: 5 Concentration: Finance, Entrepreneurship Schools: Ross '17 (D), Kenan-Flagler '17 (D), Goizueta '17 (D), Merage (A), Mays '17 (D), Olin '17 (D), Simon '17 (II), Carroll '17 (A),.P.So if thats the case the company should not offer discounts.Incorrect (D) During such a promotion retailers tend to accumulate in their warehouses inventory bought at discount ; they then sell much of it later at their regular price.Nevertheless, the manufacturers could often make more profit by not holding the promotion : Conclusion.
So, during that time period sales of manufacturers will go down and thus there profits would be less, which could be more, if the promotions were not hold in the first place.
So company A doesn't sell for 5 and company B gets the sale for.