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Show: In her first TV interview since leaving the White House, Michelle appeared as part of agent discount travel Ellen's 60th birthday double-episode special, which will be aired on Thursday, February.The 54-year-old was a frequent guest on the show during her husband's time in office and she even co-hosted in 2016.Its Todays Best Example Of Flying The Flag Upside-Down "What fresh new hell is this?" she seems to be saying.The Tiffany's spokesperson's lips were sealed.The presentation of that iconic blue Tiffany.On Thursday, Michelle will appear in front of an audience filled with people who are paying it forward as part of the host's #OneMillionActsofGood campaign.To find out what, in fact, is in the box, but the company does not comment on 'the purchases of clients out of respect for their most original gifts and jewelry privacy.'.
When the Obamas welcomed the Trumps to the White House Friday morning, incoming First Lady Melania Trump gave now former First Lady Michelle Obama total reward group a gift.
Melania Trump and, michelle Obama, many wondered what the gift was that the new First Lady gave to her predecessor on the steps of the White House on Friday, January 20, 2017.

Michelle gave a gift to outgoing First Lady Laura Bush on her husband's Inauguration Day in 2009.Melania Trump showed up with a huge Tiffanys box for Michelle Obama and, well, Michelles face spoke volumes.If we choose to do a close read, Michelles face is a chorus of conflicting emotions.Two choices: A silver picture frame or a silver tray.Clarence Thomas saying words out loud.Still, no moment seemed to be stranger than this interaction between the incoming and outgoing First Ladies.Halloween, all You Need Are Poster Board and This Viral App to Make the Easiest Halloween Costume Ever.Twitter: The hilarious encounter has become one of the most joked-about moments from Inauguration Day, spawning countless GIFs and memes like this one.
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As well as witnessing one of the most awkward exchanges ever between.