Just go with it, mmmm-kay?
Because there is nothing more annoying than a printable with weird edges that you need to cut out.If you print these actual size, they will.75 across, which is the perfect size for the little baggies I used.I did my kids Valentines early.If youre ever in doubt about something you are wearing, you can always add some super sly sunglasses like my Lippy sunglasses from House of Holland.Instead of rushing to Target at 7PM on February 13th and elbowing through crowds of crabby parents looking for the last box of Star Wars Valentines because apparently none of us western christmas gift ideas could be bothered to pick up a box of Valentines during one of the.Links to all the outfit details are at the bottom of the post for your convenience.I really small christmas craft gift ideas want that, but IDK if I could pull it off.You can download Side A (the side with Emmet) here.So easy, even a six-year-old can do it!In fact, after I did a few, I put the six-year-old to work and made him do the rest (its his party, right?!).Alex Ani, watch arvo, earnings /.Have your kid write their name on the Valentines, cut them out, stick them in a baggie, add some Legos (I was pretty methodical about making sure each kid got the same colors, becausekindergartners!To make the process even easier, just print the side with Emmet and dont bother printing the second side.Dont be shy, I wanna know what you think in a comment below.
But if you do end up making them all yourself, have no fear.

She loves her kids, her husband, her horse, her blog, books, and TEA.Carrie is a mother of two in the Dallas, Texas area.You know what I did differently this year?Heres what you need to make these: Free printable (included scroll down to download).Forever21, sunglasses house of Holland (Ditto eye-wear subscription pS: If you use the promo code whippycake, you get your first month.Im feeling pretty on top of things todayits not often (if ever!) that I A) have the energy to make our own Valentines for the kids, and B) actually make them (I make all kinds of awesome stuff in my headbut its kind.Cents of Style, I was like, Man!Then I remembered what I say to anyone who says they cant pull something off, its really simple.Shoes cents of Style, jeans.I made these as simple as possible.They were 3 x 4 and cost maybe.99.
There were enough to create 20 Valentines, with each kid receiving a red, orange, yellow, blue and green lego.

I love the way these lego movie Valentines turned out!