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Well also look at office secret santa gifts under 20 a pretend average shopper, Maud, and how many points shell earn spending 250 dollars a month on fuel, and another 50 dollars a month in store on coffee, gum, lottery, and snacks.Good Redemption Deals: Apply your how many numbers have to match to win powerball points directly to a fuel purchase for 1 in gasoline in exchange for 2,000 points, or 5 worth of gasoline for 10,000 points.With the Air Miles program, participants can earn extra miles at numerous other locations and retailers, too.The Air Miles Cash program requires no gift cards, it simply turns 95 points into a 10 reduction in your total balance.Gas has not been cheap for the past few years, so I really want to maximize the value that I can get back.Finally, in-store offers jack up points earning rates on special promotional items, for instance, allowing you to earn an extra 300 points when purchasing a certain beverage or accessory.Crate Items, here are the list of items you can get in the Pioneer Crate.Wanderer Survivor Crates are introduced.
A 10 Best Buy Gift Card costs 15,000 points, where 10 in free fuel (as a straight swap) will yank 20,000 points back off of your card.

No points are awarded on purchases of booze or smokes.Web Site, click here to register your card or to check your account activity, click here for Easy step by step instructions on how to, opt-in.The amount of BP earned depends on how far one has managed to survive, as well as number of kills and shots which hit another player.Below is the reward chart for in-store merchandise purchases.Plus, theres a monthly doubling of your Esso bonus points.Best For: With the monthly top-up feature and good points deals on car washes, Petro Points may prove ideal for someone using more than 150L per month in fuel, and who frequently uses gas-station car washes.
Bonus Points / Perks: If youre a loyal Shell customer, youll get 10 bonus Air Miles if you purchase 225 litres or more of fuel each month, and 25 Air Miles if you purchase 500 litres or more.
Swipe your Petro Mastercard at an Esso Station, and youll earn rewards points from both.

Thats enough for a few lottery tickets, or a few cups of coffee.
Gas stations are big into reward points, so heres a look at three major ones, a highlight of their rewards points programs, what they offer, and a few pro-tips.