It is high in CBD with a ratio of 22:1 CBD:THC.
What is Ringo's Gift?In 2015, it won 1st and rewards verizonwireless com 2nd place in San Bernardino for best CBD Extract.THC is the ingredient that makes one feel "high" or "stoned".Valentine is a 50/50 Sativa/Indica hybrid mix.It has an easy to medium difficulty to grow with a 7 weeks flower cycle.Harlequin is classified as a Sativa hybrid.It is named for the late Lawrence Ringo, a cannabis activist and CBD pioneer.
Often it takes 10-12 weeks to flower and can grow 20 feet tall outdoors. .

For this reason, most recreational strains have been bred to reduce the CBD content.Consequently, the medicinal effects are stimulating, increasing ones energy.Medicinally, it has a clear uplifting light energy while allowing you to be focused and energetic.Cashy's Honey (aka Cashey's Gold) Casheys Honey is a sativa dominant hybrid strain created through a cross of the potent DulcaCanna X AK-47 strains.CBD is also good for reducing pain and helps with insomnia.CBD acts to mitigate the "high" of the THC.Light of Jah, this sativa-dominant strain has a telltale flavor of both tropical fruit and hashy spice.High CBD content inhibits the propagation of cancer cells and shrinks tumors.
The results were.6 CBD and.4 THC.
The herbs are dried and are available now.