Bring the carnival directly to your next party or event and showcase your taffy candies in a candy Ferris wheel!
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If you are willing to buy the entire batch we can customize the taffy color of how to wrap a gift in a scarf virtually any of our flavors for you.Although we employ careful sanitation procedures in our cooking process it is important that you know that there is a chance of allergens being introduced into your product so please be cautious if you have a severe allergy.When you turn to Oh!Atlantic City, New Jersey area of the, jersey Shore starting in the 1880s.He was sued over this demand, and in 1925, the trademark was invalidated as being in common use.Salt water taffy is still sold widely on the boardwalks in Atlantic City (including shops in existence since the 1800s 6 nearby island, ocean City, and other popular beaches throughout the United States, especially Cape Cod, and.4 5, on August 21, 1923, John Edmiston obtained a trademark for the name "salt water taffy" (number 172,016 then demanded royalties from companies using his newly acquired name.

M is committed to keeping all those old-fashioned sweets around, and our bulk salt water taffy collection offers a wide variety of morsels for you to sink your teeth into.The lowest price.99 from amazon while the highest price.00 from QVC.This sweet treat is a favorite at outdoor picnics, community festivals, school carnivals and fun-theme corporate retreats.Deals are available from 5 stores and 6 brands.We will make every effort to expedite orders.See more on our shipping and handling page.Refrigerating your fudge will dry it out so try to keep it at room temperature.Explore our selection today to stock up for parties, holidays, or everyday snacking.Our selection of bulk salt water taffy for sale includes an assortment of shapes and sizes to suit any craving or decorating need.7 Despite its name, the taffy contains no gourmet vegan food gifts salt water ( seawater but does contain both salt and water.
Beach resorts, yacht clubs and hotels set our salt water taffy candies in colorful bowls on verandas and inside lobbies as a part of a nautical theme.
To ensure a chewy consistency, keep taffy in a warm (75 - 80F) environment.

Fralinger's first major competition came from candy maker Enoch James, who refined the recipe, making it less sticky and easier to unwrap.
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