Cute Wintery Coffee Mugs: Personalize a coffee mug with a beautiful graphic or note that will bring smile on the face of your loved one.
To give not only gifts, but also a good mood to completely unknown people.
Decorate the basket most creatively with ribbons.
Oversized Sweaters and Jumpers: Weave a sweater or muffler for your loved one to help him or her celebrate a cozy comfortable Christmas.What more could you ask for?What I like about it is that it's a pen, but it also looks just like a finger!Price: Price:2.47 "Pen Finger" - by R Hession.By Contributor: Moupee, when we think of Christmas day, there are a whole lot of things we are reminded of all at menards 11 rebate sale 2016 once.So these are some top secret Santa gift ideas which you can try this Christmas to give your friends and family a sudden gush of excitement and happiness.Everyone can become Secret Santa, regardless of age and residence.If you wish to make your loved ones happy by showering on them some secret Santa gifts, read on to learn some amazing secret Santa gift ideas:.Personalized Keyrings: Make a personalized key chain decorating it with bells or shells or beads.The basic idea is that once a year all interested register their post addresses in our system, and after a while we mix all the addresses and everyone gets a random address to which he is obliged to send any, even a purely symbolic gift.Floral Bouquet: Make a bouquet of fresh flowers and place a small note expressing your good wishes for Christmas and gift it to your loved one.

You can also use varieties of the old 'pull my finger' routine, although I wouldn't advise it at work.Assorted Makeup Gift Basket: Pack an gift basket of assorted makeup items and decorate it creatively with colorful ribbons to let your friend or loved one pamper her skin or enhance her beauty this Christmas.Modern Santa Claus is loved by all of us whether you are a youth or an aged person because Santa has an extremely joyous pleasant personality and is dressed in his typical red coat that comes with white furry collar, black belt, black boots.This is the best pen shaped like a finger that I have ever owned.DIY Bracelet: You can make a personalized bracelet with colorful beads and shells of different sizes and shapes etched with the name of your loved one.Santa Dolls and Soft Toys: You can make a wall-hanging Santa Claus puppet ornament for home d├ęcor purpose out of card board and other items to be gifted to your loved one.What interests us most is that he carries with him a bag of myriad gifts to be distributed among children on the eve of Christmas.There goes a saying that gifts from Santa are gifts straight from heaven and are harbingers of good luck and blessings.

This event has always been and will be free.
You can secretly place any of these gifts amid their belongings and wait for them to find it and jump out in utter excitement!