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For less than the cost of the average tennis bracelet, you can surprise your other half with the highly coveted.
Giving the gift of a cherished photo for Valentines Day is always appreciated, but I think my man would love it even more if it came in an uber cool frame!
Here are 10 quick and easy online ways to show someone you care.
Marble Paper Filing Cabinet Chances are theyve got paperwork that needs filing, and you can help spruce up their discount rain barrels office by giving them a nice-looking filing cabinet by using marble paper to cover up what is typically a very bland color, either gray or beige.I think I need one for myself!(I link up at these fun parties!) Related Posts Share the love!It lights up different lights representing the time, but in a way that only someone that can read binary code can figure out.These are handmade in northern Thailand, grandma's first christmas gifts and are sure to be a unique gift they wont expect.Magnetic Desktop Set This set of desktop holders is magnetic so metal office supplies stick to it and are ready at a moments notice.21 Gag Gifts for Geeks (Funny Gifts Theyll Nerd Out Over).My nerdy father would have loved this Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter.Pinterest, facebook, twitter, google, stumbleUpon, reddit email, yay weekend!Take a look in the slideshow below (though we'd suggest not necessarily doing so at work Photo gallery, sexy Valentine's Day Gift Ideas, see Gallery).When hes not in use he looks like a decorative cube that can be placed on a desk.
These are all super budget friendly or free.

Prices Vary 8 DIY Gifts for Engineers DIY Metallic Desk Tidy This desk tidy will instantly make heads brolliesgalore discount code or tails out of their desk, and is perfect for engineers that tend to get a bit messy during the middle of a big project.Great Minds Games, these games might not keep them busy for too long, but theyre meant to be challenging and test out their smarts.At first glance this looks like just an interesting silver ring; however, this ring also serves a fun purpose.With prices ranging from cheap to pricey, and ideas for both men and women, youre sure to find what you need for an unforgettable celebration.Madagascar Hissing Cockroach for.Texas Instruments is pretty much the go-to when it comes to graphing calculators, and you should see the things engineers can do with these.M, for the musical love in your life, an engraved guitar pick with carrying case would make such a thoughtful gift!
Cubebot Puzzle, cubebot can turn into a wooden cube, and if youre smart enough he can transform into his robot shape complete with a head, arms, and legs.
Get the sensory experience of bourbon without the calories (or the buzz).