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Can I send a gift coupon to a friend or family member?
How can I check the balance of my Gift Card?Can I use more than one Gift Card in a purchase?Can I buy something that costs more or less than the value on my Gift Card?If the purchase is greater than the sum of the gift coupon, an additional form of payment is required to pay the difference.Why owl city gifts can't I use my Gift Card at some Westfield stores?Multiple coupons can be purchased and combined upon request (e.g.For what amounts can I purchase a Gift Card?Can I check my Westfield Gift Card balance in-store?Ive made a mistake with my order, what do I do?

Chat with us for website issues, orders, and returns.Eg: A birthday present.After placing your order you will receive an e-mail from us containing your order receipt.Where can I use the Westfield XS Gift Card?Discounts apply to merchandise only and do not apply to shipping.Contact us, can I use my Gift Card straight away?
How do I get a refund on a purchase made with a Westfield Gift Card?